Useful Quick Links from Carolyn Thomas

Word bubble that says "Tips"

On March 25th, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, Carolyn Thomas, sent an email with a succinct list of resources that I find easier to navigate than the Keep Teaching Website. Links to some of these resources can be published in your Canvas site for students: 

·Keep Teaching Website: The Keep Teaching website (built by ATS and CEE) is being updated daily with useful tips for remote instruction. You may find the live and recorded webinars valuable. There are live webinars taking place this week.

·Post Materials on Canvas: Keep in mind that many undergraduates are having to access your materials from other time zones. Many more are going to occasionally experience unreliable wifi or a lack of quiet space for a class session. If you put your key learning materials on Canvas (asynchronous), they can follow even if they miss your real-time class, and this will be enormously helpful to them. If you need instructions on how to record live sessions and post them to Canvas, look here.

·Protecting Course Materials: The Academic senate released today guidance on copyright of course materials. If you are concerned that students may share your recorded lectures, chats, handouts, or other course materials without your authorization, UC Davis Campus Counsel has provided language that you can insert into your syllabus reminding them that this is against the Code of Academic Conduct. Also, post your materials only on platforms approved by UC Davis, password protected, and accessible only to enrolled or auditing students, such as Canvas.

·Remote Learning Survey: We have released a survey to all undergraduate students in order to provide you with data about your students’ access to and familiarity with technologies related to remote learning this spring. We have heard from approximately 21% of our students. We encourage you to ask your students to take the survey so you can have the most complete information possible. The survey link is

o   Know Your Students Tool: As the faculty instructor, you can go to to see the technology readiness level of the students in your class, as well as the overall campus numbers, via the Know Your Students tool (part of our Campus HHMI Inclusive Excellence award). This is a prototype tool and survey data is updated daily. An evolving quick start guide is available here.

·Loaner Laptops for Students in Need: If a student contacts you who does not have a laptop and cannot get one due to financial constraints, please send an email to this address with the following information: student name, student ID, and student phone number. Someone will respond directly to the student and if they qualify via financial aid guidelines, provide a laptop to check out for spring quarter free of charge (it can be mailed to their house).

·Zoom Etiquette: You might find it helpful to provide students with information on Zoom etiquette to improve the audio and interactive quality of live sessions.

·Student FAQ: There is a Resource FAQ for Students that can be loaded as a page into a Canvas course site – this is designed to provide information for students on general academic resources, health and wellness, careers/internships, and community resources and has updated links to campus information on the COVID-19 pandemic.

o   Information on how to load the FAQ page to a course Canvas site can be found here.

Best wishes, and thank you for all you are doing and will do to help students learn this quarter.