Online Teaching Resources

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Of course, there are way more resources on OWI than we could ever get through, and there is another page on this website showing you some of them. What I’m listing here are a few practical resources that have been helpful to me during the pandemic, going from just getting a few ideas for a course to the whole redesign of a class.

If you are looking for some additional strategies to improve what you are already doing:

  • Megan McIntyre has put together a compendium of hands-on resources for teaching. It is focused on FYC, but most of its tools and strategies are applicable to any class. I got a lot of great ideas, here! Thanks, Theresa Walsh, for finding and sharing this resource! 
  • Teaching Online Tidbits is a series of quick tips for teaching online, shared by the the authors of the OWI Community. You can quickly scroll down the titles to see what's there, and the articles themselves are short and to the point. Very useful! Thanks, Lisa Sperber, for sharing this great resource! 
  • Online Teaching Toolkit from the Association of College and University Educators has quick videos on topics such as “managing online presence,” “organizing the course,” “planning discussions,” etc. The videos are helpful because they show you examples of what’s being discussed. They also have quick recommendations for online instructions. If you’re getting overwhelmed, this is one of the lesser overwhelming resource!
  • The Online Writing Instruction Community is a website created by the authors of the PARS bookThey move fast through all sorts of resources and provide you with a lot of books and article titles on OWI. It’s also a good place to keep track of conferences and professional development opportunities.
  • The Global Society of Online Literacy Educators provides you with principles of online teaching, research in online teaching, and conferences. It is not the most practical resource, but their Online Literacies Open Source has some useful hands-on content.
  • The Online Writing Teacher is a blog by veteran online teacher Scott Warnock. It addresses all sorts of topics related to OWI. Not the easiest resource if you're looking for a specific topic, but great for browsing if you're looking for inspiration. 


If you want to redesign your whole course:

  • EDUCAUSE has created a Blended Flow Toolkit to create online courses. You can do the activities and access the materials without enrolling in the course. They have flow maps and flow planner activities that help visualize all the different possibilities of teaching online. For example, they provide you with the online and the face-to-face version of all the activities.
  • The University of Florida has a Blended Learning Toolkit for online teaching. You can do the activities and access the resources without officially singing up for the course. To me, the most useful resources here are the DIY tasks to help you redesign your course and the readings.


If you are looking for books as resources, check the "What does hybrid teaching mean" blogpost on this website. Scroll to the end of the post.