Introduction to Eli Review

video introduction to eli review

Eli Review is a program that allows students to upload drafts and complete peer reviews online. It has a lot more tools than the Canvas peer review feature. It collects data and saves all the comments so that students can self-reflect as writers during their revision process and self-assess as peer reviewers in order to provide stronger feedback. 

This video will introduce you to the main features of Eli Review and show you how I use them in my course. If you want captions, open it in Aggie video.


NOTE: In the video, I talk about a $12.50 fee, but the subscription to Eli Review is included in the Equitable Access program for textbooks in Fall 2020. You need to adopt Eli Review like you would a textbook at the UCD bookstore, and students will receive a subscription code. 

If you are ready for more, here are the explanations of how Eli Review works from their website. 


Useful Eli Review Resources (even if you don't use the program in your classes!)

  • Describe, Evaluate, Suggest is a strategy for guiding students towards giving useful feedback. There's a quick video describing the strategy. 
  • Giver's Gain describes the benefits that writers get out of giving helpful feedback to others. 
  • The Eli Review Blog has all sorts of news, tips, and strategies related to Eli Review and peer reviews in general.